Julià Agramunt

Julià obtained his BSc (Hons) in Experimental Psychology at University of Barcelona. Always driven by high curiosity and having in mind that the high cognitive process such as memory, perception and navigation are mediated by the intraneuronal molecular processes, he moved from Barcelona to Bristol to pursue a MSc in Molecular Neuroscience at University of Bristol. During his MSc research project, he was working in the electrophysiology lab lead by Prof. G. Collingridge (FRS, co-winner of the 2016 Brain Prize) behind the supervision of Dr. Z. A. Bortolotto and Prof. D. Lodge (FRS) characterizing the mechanism of action behind the dissociative effects of fluorolintane, a novel street drug related to ketamine. Closely after that, and to continue his formation as a neuroscientist, he is now a PhD student in the Higgins and Kozlov labs to investigate the neurobiology of the hair follicle and their implications in mechanoperception.